musikprotokoll dynamic streaming

26.10 - 26.11.2020 | Internet

Already prior to the Corona pandemic of 2020 there was live streaming of concerts with video and audio – in the case of musikprotokoll for the first time in 1997, incidentally. In 2020, we are trying out a new facet of this idea with dynamic concert streaming. The surround recordings of the ORF are encoded as binaural audio files and put online. When they are played back, the head movements of listeners are tracked in real time. Moving one’s head thus changes the spatial reproduction of what is being listened to and an astonishing, lifelike sonic experience emerges. With a computer, webcam, and headphones, anyone can try out this new way of listening at home for a period of one month.

To explore this project you need:

  1. Computer or laptop with Internet access (no smartphone or tablet)
  2. Webcam (or without webcam and no head-tracking)
  3. Possibly high-quality headphones
  4. Use one of these Internet browsers: Firefox, Chrome or Opera