musikprotokoll 2022


musikprotokoll dynamic streaming

25.10 - 25.11.2022 | Internet

In 2022, the musikprotokoll offers dynamic streaming of its concerts after the festival. Here, listeners’ head movements are tracked in real time, altering the spatial reproduction of what is heard – the result is an astonishingly realistic acoustic experience. A video track recorded with multiple cameras will supplement the acoustic event. With the help of a computer, webcam, and headphones, anyone can try out this new method of hearing for a period of one month. Of course, it will still also be possible to experience the entire concert program without a webcam via conventional streaming.

To explore this project you need:

  1. Computer or laptop with internet access (no smartphone or tablet).
  2. Webcam for head tracking (you can also watch/listen to the concerts without a camera).
  3. High-quality headphones if possible
  4. Use an up-to-date internet browser: Firefox, Edge, Chrome or Opera

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Smartphone & Tablet

With your smartphone or tablet you can experience musikprotokoll 2011 concerts with classic, static streaming. Even if you have problems with older PCs - use this conventional streaming form.

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