Recording Karlsplatz
Journal of a listening session

Journal of a listening session while following the guide of “How to disappear”: The Three Depths of a Soundfield 

Date of recording: 20th May 2023
Time of recording: 16:10
Location: Karlsplatz – on the border of the first and fourth district of Vienna
Weather: sunshine, breezy, comfortably warm



A child is talking to the parent. The sound of a rubbing plastic bag can be heard (perhaps someone opened a plastic package?). Multiple conversations are ongoing from both the left and right sides. Laughter from different individuals come from various directions. Another child is laughing and screaming. Alongside the parent, they are stomping their feet heavily on the ground. At the same time, the multiple conversations among the people around me continue...



A few birds are twittering in different ways and at varied pitches. However, they never do this simultaneously, as if they are also listening to each other. The church bell rang once (perhaps to signal the half-hour?). Occasionally, the sound of squealing brakes can be heard coming from the street.



A constant, extremely low-pitched humming persists throughout the entire time.It is present but difficult to describe accurately. It could be a blend of acoustic elements of this city – car engines, public traffics, electricities, the bustling crowds, and the underlying vibrations of the city.


Sonic Exegesis
Hui Ye