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Lain Iwakura
Lain Iwakura

Lain Iwakura (a.k.a. DeRayling, Ezili-i Sabbah, Bill B. Wintermute, DiVersion) is a political activist, writer/lecturer, DJ & sound-artist. Being active in the infamous “Institut für vergleichende Irrelevanz” (Frankfurt/Main) for several years, this was their main place for organizing events, collective production of arts and theoretical discourse. It combined artists and activists with interests in queer-theory, critical theory, situationist international, etc. in a DIY environment under the slogan “theory, praxis, party”. When moving to Graz in 2019 they initialized the “O”-collective, consisting of IEM students and extra-academic DJs/artists, which organized several events since to provide a platform for IEM students, as well as bridging the gap between DIY punk/noise scene, rave and contemporary music. In their artistic work Lain Iwakura combines socio-philosophical questions with concept art, as well as studies in polytemporal-polyrhytmical structures and feedback-systems with techno-aesthetics. Together with Achim Szepanski they run the labels mille plateaux and Force Inc. Music Works.