Aho Ssan
Aho Ssan

Aho Ssan is the artist name of Paris-based Niamké Désiré. After studying graphic design and cinema, he began to compose electronic music and create digital instruments using Ableton’s Max For Live programme.  His debut LP Simulacrum (2020 Subtext Recordings) takes influence from the semiotic concepts and theories of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard to navigate society’s façades of inclusivity and equality against his own experience of growing up Black in the suburbs of Paris. In lieu of working with collaborators, Désiré created The Mensah Imaginary Band using Max to explore intergenerational connections and to pay tribute to his Grandfather, Mensah Antony, a Ghanaian bandleader. Aho Ssan debuted the live performance of Simulacrum at Berlin Atonal 2019.