© Höhenrausch

Following my research and an “official trip” to the musikprotokoll’s merry-go-round in Graz, I composed a piece that explores phenomena such as taking-off, acceleration in stasis, ultra-large & infinitely small, and individual & collective. In the latter case it seems especially fitting that I played all the instruments (violin, viola, violoncello and double bass) on this track – me, myself, and I, so to speak. (My thanks goes to the music school LMS Ottensheim, the Ustupstys and Angelika Scheiblhofer for the instruments!)

Visitors who do not ride the carousel can move about on the platform and in this way choose which combination of instruments should lift them heavenwards. Riding the carousel, however, one seems to experience endless acceleration as one spirals into the sky – until the take-off ramp gradually and imperceptibly disappears and one is flying freely without handles to hold onto, accompanied by a string ensemble. After this cathartic spin, which might even catapult the riders into unimaginable celestial levels of consciousness, there’s only one thing left to say: Welcome to the new reality!


In Kooperation mit dem OÖ kulturquartier.

Höhenrausch Linz
World Premiere