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musikprotokoll 2002

die unschärferelation - the uncertainty relation

Fluctuating standpoints on uncertainty relations: 1) musicological: filter, structure and memory prove to be conceptual analogies to material, form and notation in musical-compositional fine-tuning: a questioning of composition in improvisation and vice-versa. 2) topological: H, SK, PL, BG, HR, F, I, D, NL, N, GB, RUS. A signifying shift in attention. 3) eidological: Film ist. This is film music in a literally taken sense. 4) physicological: sound-based apparatuses illustrating the basic principles of physics are used for a series of experiments and talks: the uncertainty relation. Time. Motion. Gravitation. 5) metaphorological: The steps of transfer are metaphora - transfer: on the enigmatic productivity of transfer. 6) ideological: the productive force of ideologies provokes the exploration of the alien as added festival value.

musikprotokoll 2002 program book cover