Echo (2017) ©  courtesy of Nona Inescu and SpazioA gallery



Nona Inescu

Eighteen pairs of earbuds and thirty-six snail shells are the central objects in the sound installation Echo, created by Romanian-born artist Nona Inescu. The external world, once a shared auditory environment, is replaced by the earbuds; the snail shells serve as resonating chambers for individually localized bubbles of self-programmed sounds.

Beat Machines

Koka Nikoladzke

Georgia native Koka Nikoladze created a musical score in real time for the Black Page Orchestra. For the musikprotokoll, he also appears as a solo performer, demonstrating his delicate and fascinating beat machines made of wood and analog components.  

tingles and clicks /graz

Andrea Sodomka / Svetlana Maraš / Marco Donnarumma / Natasha Barrett / Karlheinz Essl / Martina Claussen / Iwakura-Mohammadi-Rizzo-Strecker

The theme of tingles & clicks /graz is lost corporeality in the time of the coronavirus. Outstanding musicians create sound environments that visitors can explore while lying on wheel boards. Intimate one-person listening experiences take place in interaction with virtual sound objects.

Inversion 3 Speaking Surfaces

Natasha Barrett

Natasha Barrett records acoustic emissions in Graz’s public spaces using a high-definition 3D microphone and breaks down the recordings analytically. She then amplifies the unheard sounds and reassembles all the components. The inaudible becomes audible; putatively ambient sounds become an exciting, dynamic event.

Ö1 Radio sehen, Radio hören Transparent

You can also experience or relisten to the musikprotokoll on Österreich 1 (Ö1). In thirty different programs—especially in the Zeit-Ton series—festival concerts will be broadcast via radio and on the internet.

Ensemble dissonArt

Loïc Destremau / Svetlana Maraš / Christian Winther Christensen / Carola Bauckholt

An aquarium becomes a musical instrument. A voice recording by Leonard Bernstein generates abstract sounds. The action mechanism of a historic grand piano conjures up Beethoven’s ghost. Animal locomotion triggers rhythms. The Greek ensemble dissonArt is on a quest for hidden sounds.

Ensemble Zeitfluss

Tanja Glinsner / Isabel Mundry / Anselm Schaufler / Xu Weiwei

Chansons as the “sonic ruins of a long-vanished time,” the acoustic impulses of a city, and Medea’s revenge: together with the collective die andere saite, the Ensemble Zeitfluss presents a program of world premieres that spans countries and generations.

London Contemporary Orchestra

CHAINES / Edmund Finnis

The London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) presents an excellent example of how a 21st-century orchestra can work without anxiety or focus on genres – always right in the midst of the in between. With great self-assurance, the orchestra strikes a balance between progressive pop music and contemporary electronic music; at the same time, it incorporates film music from Hollywood productions and experimental cinema.

Exploratory Project

Phill Niblock

How to describe American composer Phill Niblock’s music: melody, rhythm, harmony? – Nope! At least not in the classical meaning of these terms. Density, texture, intensity, resistance, layering, friction, statics, mass – these concepts come a little closer to capturing it. It is truly an Exploratory Project, a project of “examining” sound.