Echo (2017) ©  courtesy of Nona Inescu and SpazioA gallery


tingles and clicks /graz

Andrea Sodomka / Svetlana Maraš / Marco Donnarumma / Natasha Barrett / Karlheinz Essl / Martina Claussen / Iwakura-Mohammadi-Rizzo-Strecker

The theme of tingles & clicks /graz is lost corporeality in the time of the coronavirus. Outstanding musicians create sound environments that visitors can explore while lying on wheel boards. Intimate one-person listening experiences take place in interaction with virtual sound objects.

Inversion 3 Speaking Surfaces

Natasha Barrett

Natasha Barrett records acoustic emissions in Graz’s public spaces using a high-definition 3D microphone and breaks down the recordings analytically. She then amplifies the unheard sounds and reassembles all the components. The inaudible becomes audible; putatively ambient sounds become an exciting, dynamic event.


Nona Inescu

Eighteen pairs of earbuds and thirty-six snail shells are the central objects in the sound installation Echo, created by Romanian-born artist Nona Inescu. The external world, once a shared auditory environment, is replaced by the earbuds; the snail shells serve as resonating chambers for individually localized bubbles of self-programmed sounds.

Beat Machines

Koka Nikoladzke

Georgia native Koka Nikoladze created a musical score in real time for the Black Page Orchestra. For the musikprotokoll, he also appears as a solo performer, demonstrating his delicate and fascinating beat machines made of wood and analog components.  

Artikulationen - Nomadic Crossings between Art and Research

Isabel Mundry, Natasha Barrett, Deniz Peters, ...

A mini-symposium – two English-language trialogues: What happens when artistic practice asks questions and becomes reflexive? How scientific will these expeditions be? With Natasha Barrett, Isabel Mundry, and others.

Humanoid sounds of human signs

Veronika Mayer

A human being and a computer negotiate via hand signals, manipulating sound as they do so. The sound performance raises the question: Do relationships, intuition and creativity exist when machine learning determines the realization of a composition? Who bears the musical and aesthetic responsibility?

Nomadic Dome

Hüma Utku / KMRU / Gischt

Microsounds from East Africa, the sudden spray of masses of water and the ambivalent human emotional experience: the three SHAPE artists KMRU, Gischt, and Hüma Utku have created new compositions for the Ambisonics sound system at the Dom im Berg.

Jitter - Mopcut

MOPCUT - Audrey Chen / Julien Desprez / Lukas König / Bernhard Rasinger

The improvisation trio MOPCUT celebrates the release of their second album, JITTER, at musikprotokoll, together with laser artist Bernhard Rasinger, aka BR Laser. He translates the music – sometimes mysteriously swirling, then ecstatic and eruptive once again – into dancing light.

Sulla Pelle

Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius

For the duo project Sulla Pelle by Valentina Magaletti and Julian Sartorius, two drummers and percussionists have joined forces who both have a great passion for sound research and take great joy in experimenting and constantly expanding the tonal palettes of their instruments.