Echo (2017) ©  courtesy of Nona Inescu and SpazioA gallery



Inversion 3 Speaking Surfaces

Natasha Barrett

Natasha Barrett records acoustic emissions in Graz’s public spaces using a high-definition 3D microphone and breaks down the recordings analytically. She then amplifies the unheard sounds and reassembles all the components. The inaudible becomes audible; putatively ambient sounds become an exciting, dynamic event.

Beat Machines

Koka Nikoladze

Georgia native Koka Nikoladze created a musical score in real time for the Black Page Orchestra. For the musikprotokoll, he also appears as a solo performer, demonstrating his delicate and fascinating beat machines made of wood and analog components.  

tingles and clicks /graz

Andrea Sodomka / Svetlana Maraš / Marco Donnarumma / Natasha Barrett / Karlheinz Essl / Martina Claussen / Cam Deas / Iwakura-Mohammadi-Rizzo-Strecker

The theme of tingles & clicks /graz is lost corporeality in the time of the coronavirus. Outstanding musicians create sound environments that visitors can explore while lying on wheel boards. Intimate one-person listening experiences take place in interaction with virtual sound objects.


Nona Inescu

Eighteen pairs of earbuds and thirty-six snail shells are the central objects in the sound installation Echo, created by Romanian-born artist Nona Inescu. The external world, once a shared auditory environment, is replaced by the earbuds; the snail shells serve as resonating chambers for individually localized bubbles of self-programmed sounds.

Artikulationen - Nomadic Crossings between Art and Research

Isabel Mundry, Natasha Barrett, Deniz Peters, ...

A mini-symposium – two English-language trialogues: What happens when artistic practice asks questions and becomes reflexive? How scientific will these expeditions be? With Natasha Barrett, Isabel Mundry, and others.

Humanoid sounds of human signs

Veronika Mayer

A human being and a computer negotiate via hand signals, manipulating sound as they do so. The sound performance raises the question: Do relationships, intuition and creativity exist when machine learning determines the realization of a composition? Who bears the musical and aesthetic responsibility?

Nomadic Dome

Hüma Utku / KMRU / Gischt

Microsounds from East Africa, the sudden spray of masses of water and the ambivalent human emotional experience: the three SHAPE artists KMRU, Gischt, and Hüma Utku have created new compositions for the Ambisonics sound system at the Dom im Berg.

Jitter - Mopcut

MOPCUT - Audrey Chen / Julien Desprez / Lukas König / Bernhard Rasinger

The improvisation trio MOPCUT celebrates the release of their second album, JITTER, at musikprotokoll, together with laser artist Bernhard Rasinger, aka BR Laser. He translates the music – sometimes mysteriously swirling, then ecstatic and eruptive once again – into dancing light.

Sulla Pelle

Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius

For the duo project Sulla Pelle by Valentina Magaletti and Julian Sartorius, two drummers and percussionists have joined forces who both have a great passion for sound research and take great joy in experimenting and constantly expanding the tonal palettes of their instruments.

Danapris String Quartet

Danapris String Quartet / Ayaz Gambarli / Cynthia Zaven / Ihor Zavgorodnii / Alla Zagaykevych

The Danapris String Quartet opens up new musical horizons with their sensitive playing. The acclaimed Ukrainian ensemble travels through (re)constructed musical spaces, creating the world premieres of new string quartets from Azerbaijan, Lebanon, and Ukraine here in Graz. 

Ensemble for new music Tallinn

Nina Fukuoka / Georg Friedrich Haas / Klaus Lang / Anna-Louise Walton / Arash Yazdani

Arash Yazdani works in Tallinn, with the ensemble that travels with Alois Hába’s legendary sixth-tone harmonium – this time to Graz. Georg Friedrich Haas’s circle has produced composers who have developed a special sensitivity for microtonal sound structures. They present world premieres of commissioned microtonal works at the musikprotokoll.

Black Page Orchestra

Koka Nikoladze / Dror Feiler / Maja Bosnic

The Black Page Orchestra turns conventions on their heads: a musical score is created before the eyes of the ensemble and the audience; listeners’ own bodies become resonating spaces; with the aid of an ecstatically playing instrumental ensemble, a film expands into three-dimensional space.

Ö1 Radio sehen, Radio hören Transparent

You can also experience or relisten to the musikprotokoll on Österreich 1 (Ö1). In thirty different programs—especially in the Zeit-Ton series—festival concerts will be broadcast via radio and on the internet.

Ensemble dissonArt

Loïc Destremau / Svetlana Maraš / Christian Winther Christensen / Carola Bauckholt

An aquarium becomes a musical instrument. A voice recording by Leonard Bernstein generates abstract sounds. The action mechanism of a historic grand piano conjures up Beethoven’s ghost. Animal locomotion triggers rhythms. The Greek ensemble dissonArt is on a quest for hidden sounds.

Ensemble Zeitfluss

Tanja Glinsner / Isabel Mundry / Anselm Schaufler / Xu Weiwei

Chansons as the “sonic ruins of a long-vanished time,” the acoustic impulses of a city, and Medea’s revenge: together with the collective die andere saite, the Ensemble Zeitfluss presents a program of world premieres that spans countries and generations.

London Contemporary Orchestra

CHAINES / Edmund Finnis

The London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) presents an excellent example of how a 21st-century orchestra can work without anxiety or focus on genres – always right in the midst of the in between. With great self-assurance, the orchestra strikes a balance between progressive pop music and contemporary electronic music; at the same time, it incorporates film music from Hollywood productions and experimental cinema.

Exploratory Project

Phill Niblock

How to describe American composer Phill Niblock’s music: melody, rhythm, harmony? – Nope! At least not in the classical meaning of these terms. Density, texture, intensity, resistance, layering, friction, statics, mass – these concepts come a little closer to capturing it. It is truly an Exploratory Project, a project of “examining” sound.

Wander(E)aers - Pak Yan Lau

Pak Yan Lau

A child of Chinese immigrants who grew up in Brussels, Pak Yan Lau is a nomad between the two cultures. She draws her inspiration from the ritual music of Asia as well as from the sound research of Western avant-gardists.

The forest grows restless

Natasha Barrett

The Forest Grows Restless is a 3D Ambisonics performance. The concert transports listeners to an old Norwegian forest in which reality and fiction come together, and in which the dialogs between nature and an old piano that has stood outside for many years are influenced by the seasons, a memory of the past, and the climate of the future.


Phill Niblock

The densest of sound textures, fanned out across forty-eight speakers: the eighty-seven-year-old American “don daddy of drone music” Phill Niblock makes the Dom im Berg tremble with his new work Browner, based on prerecorded instrumental sounds.

Foldable Sounds Collective - Serviettenfalte

Foldable Sounds Collective

The Foldable Sounds Collective was formed during lockdown in April 2020, inviting people all over the world to provide recordings from their quarantine locations. These recordings were made into collective audio tracks; the profits from their sale were donated to charity.

musikprotokoll Dynamic Streaming 2021

In 2021, the musikprotokoll offers dynamic streaming of its concerts after the festival. Here, listeners’ head movements are tracked in real time, altering the spatial reproduction of what is heard – the result is an astonishingly realistic acoustic experience. With a computer, webcam, and headphones, anyone can test this new way of hearing from their own home.