Ensemble Mécanique

musikprotokoll 06/10/2019 - day 4

musikprotokoll 06/10/2019 - day 4, the last day of this musikprotokoll edition. "Ensemble Mécanique" - a concert for robotic ensemble in the Kunsthaus Graz and the music theatre "Consumnia" in the MUMUTH. Photos: (c) ORF musikprotokoll, Martin Gross

RSO Wien mit Ilan Volkov

musikprotokoll 05/10/2019 - day 3

musikprotokoll 05/10/2019 - Day 3 with the Danapris String Quartet, the RSO Vienna, the Grosse Chromatische Fantasie and the project Inolas Lieder. Photos: (c) ORF music protocol, Martin Gross

musikprotokoll 04/10/2019 - day 2

musikprotokoll 04/10/2019 - The second day brought many new brilliant pieces by Studio Dan and Klangforum Wien, exciting robot music and as last item on the programme music for percussion, singing and bagpipes - Revolutionary Birds. (Photo: ORF musikprotokoll, Nicolas Gallani)

musikprotokoll 03/10/2019 - day 1

musicprotokoll 03/10/2019 - that was the first day of this festival edition. The projects: SpaceTime Helix, Doublé, Terry Riley´s in C (Maqam Rast Remodel) and Glop. - Photos: ORF musikprotokoll, Martin Gross)

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