musikprotokoll 04/10/2019 - day 2

musikprotokoll 04/10/2019 - The second day brought many new brilliant pieces by Studio Dan and Klangforum Wien, exciting robot music and as last item on the programme music for percussion, singing and bagpipes - Revolutionary Birds. (Photo: ORF musikprotokoll, Nicolas Gallani)

musikprotokoll 03/10/2019 - day 1

musicprotokoll 03/10/2019 - that was the first day of this festival edition. The projects: SpaceTime Helix, Doublé, Terry Riley´s in C (Maqam Rast Remodel) and Glop. - Photos: ORF musikprotokoll, Martin Gross)

musikprotokoll 2019 - Programmbuch

musikprotokoll 2019 - program book

Our program book for the musikprotokll 2019 has been published. All projects and artists of this festival edition are presented on 130 pages. The print version of the program book is available free of charge on site in Graz. - Click here for the electronic version of the program book.

musikprotokoll 2019 TV-Trailer

musikprotokoll 2019 TV-Trailer

Distance and proximity: using these terms to introduce musikprotokoll, a festival that has always promoted the new and yet unheard, might reasonably give the impression that the program addresses the near and the far in an aesthetic sense. While that is true to a certain extent in this year’s festival, we also mean this geographically. Over the past fifty-two years, the range of artists whose works have been heard during musikprotokoll has always represented an internationally diverse group. But even more so in 2019, when geographic distance and proximity form the narrative arch of the program.

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