Homages @ Austrian Cultural Forum New York


Join us on April 19th to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our iconic landmark building in Midtown Manhattan with an interactive sound exhibition and a rooftop concert by the Talea Ensemble!

On Wednesday, April 19 between 4 and 11 pm, we invite you to experience the free interactive sound journey we created in collaboration with Austria's oldest contemporary music festival musikprotokoll. The sound exhibition HOMAGES features 15 newly com­posed or arranged recorded pieces by contemporary Austrian musicians, each paying tribute to one particular pivotal artist whose work was influenced by New York. Olga Neuwirth, for example, composed her homage to Patti Smith, Christian Fennesz pays tribute to Cyndie Lauper, and Peter Herbert honors Charles Mingus in his piece.

The 15 commissions are spread throughout the unique architectural structure of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, inviting visitors to explore all public spaces of the building designed by Austrian architect Raimund Abraham in 1992 and completed in 2002. Aided by sensory receivers and LED light boxes, the sound pieces are installed to be experienced privately through audio devices and headphones. Between each installation, soundscapes from NYC and Graz, Austria will be audible, emphasizing the bridge between the two cities.

On the ACFNY’s private rooftop terrace, the Talea Ensemble with esteemed guest soprano Juliet Fraser performs a six-hour marathon concert. Symbolizing the heart of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York’s mission of continuous cultural exchange, the powerful program features works by influ­ential American composers John Zorn and Steve Reich as well as pieces by two of Austria’s living titans, Olga Neuwirth and Beat Furrer.


The exhibition can be experienced privately via sensor audio devices and headphones. On April 19, we have timed admittance slots available beginning at 4pm. The last admittance is at 10pm. Each time slot ensures the same experience, including the concert program which repeats throughout the evening. You will have approximately 45 minutes to experience the sound exhibition with a headset we provide and you may traverse through the building at an individual pace. At the endpoint of the audio exhibition, you will be taken to the rooftop terrace for a live performance by the Talea Ensemble. To enjoy both the sound exhibition and the concert in full, please plan for a two hour visit.


Talea Ensemble with guest soprano Juliet Fraser

Steve Reich: New York Counterpoint (1985)
John Zorn: All Hallows Eve (2012)
Olga Neuwirth: Weariness heals wounds I (2014)
Beat Furrer: Lotofagos (2006)

Set will be repeated throughout the evening.


Homage à Philip Glass by Patrick Pulsinger
Homage à Yoko Ono by Andrea Sodomka
Homage à Morton Feldman by Peter Ablinger
Homage à Charles Mingus by Peter Herbert
Homage à Pauline Oliveros by Mia Zabelka
Homage à John Zorn by Max Nagl
Homage à Cyndie Lauper by Christian Fennesz
Homage à Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five by dieb13
Homage à Maryanne Amacher by Bernd Klug
Homage à Robert Ashley by Bernhard Lang
Homage à Patti Smith by Olga Neuwirth
Homage à David Tudor by Demi Broxa
Homage à Jeanne Lee by Elisabeth Harnik
Homage à Laurie Anderson by Mira Lu Kovacs
Homage à Max Brand by Elisabeth Schimana

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Homages - NYCHomages - NYCHomages - NYCHomages - NYCHomages - NYC